Africa Jeep Race

Are you ready to race on the dusty roads of Africa? There are 12 different racing routes in the game. Race with your friend or computer! To unlock different Safari Jeeps, you should have enough coins which you can earn from races. You can buy new cars with the golds you have. You can activate the second player in the vehicle selection menu. Call your friend and let the fun begin!

πŸš€ How to play Africa Jeep Race – Online

PLAYER 1 Move: β€œW,A,S,D” Power-ups: β€œT” PLAYER 2 Move: β€œARROW KEYS” Power-ups: β€œP”

βœ… Play Africa Jeep Race Unblocked for free

Now you can play Africa Jeep Race for free without stopping to have fun. The coolest Africa Jeep Race games online for everyone! Africa Jeep Race is one of our favorite games selected for you from our large list of easy games.

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